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August Construction & Shoring, Inc. provides clients with a wide range of Geotechnical Services and solutions for projects of varying budget, scope, deadlines and complexity. Give August a call to discuss your project needs!

Types of Services

August specializes in Geotechnical Services primarily for Pipeline and water sectors:

Value Engineering

AugustDid you know that many agencies actually encourage contractors to be innovative and allow them to perform work in a different manner than what the plans show? In the United States, Value Engineering is specifically spelled out in Public Law 104-106, which states “Each executive agency shall establish and maintain cost-effective value engineering procedures and processes."

In construction, Value Engineering means that added “value” is provided for the same end “function”. This means that an alternate design is provided that is more cost-effective than the plan at hand, given the design meets or exceeds the performance specification or function.

Most agencies want to save money, and you can share in the savings. Let August Construction help you with your project, to realize the savings achievable through value engineering.

Custom Solutions

AugustAugust Construction’s staff ensures the client understands our techniques and how they can be utilized properly to troubleshoot geo-technical problems. Whether it is grouting, structural support, or ground improvement, August can bring to the plate experience in providing the right solution, as well as quality service and added value. August can assure you the best solution for the problem, on time and within your budgetary needs. Give August a call to talk to a specialist about your custom project needs.

Operated Rental Services

August provides Union operated, professional & well maintained equipment:

AugustABI MobilRam
w/Hi Frequency


AugustMovax Side-Grip
Vibratory Driver


AugustLarge 330

RC 100

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